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How to Listen to Yourself

Knowing where our thoughts dwell is vital to our state of mindful living. If we do not know where our thoughts dwell, we do not know where we are expending our energy. What we most focus on is what we create.

The messy side of meditation!

Meditation doesn’t always fit our mental ideals, but we shouldn’t give up!

Meditation: Holding Space

Holding space allows you to align your focus with your energy. It brings self-awareness which is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

Lost and Afraid: Daily Subtitles for 2020

our world view shifted overnight. This touched each of us as an individual, whether or not we want to admit it. There isn’t any one of us who is not going through some sort of personal evolution at this time. A personal reckoning of who we are.

Meditation, Mindfulness, Multi-tasking, YUCK

Meditation, Mindfulness and Multi-tasking are terms you hear almost daily. What do they mean and why should you care? Can understanding help you with your goals and dreams? Yes, understanding these can.

Know Thyself – A Journey of Self Discovery

One of the most important things to know about yourself is that you grow and change. Know Thyself is not a destination, it is an ever-changing journey. I have spoken with many that believe they cultivate an idea of who they are and they… Continue Reading “Know Thyself – A Journey of Self Discovery”