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The Journey to Know Thyself

It has been some time since I posted but writing on the topic of Know Thyself has been a priority. I have been working on a book to Know Thyself through Nature and Nurture, using tools of meditation, mindfulness, and journalling. One of the… Continue Reading “The Journey to Know Thyself”

A Valentine’s Weekend Guide in Pandemic times

Social events are stressful at the best of times. The pressures that come along at Valentine’s day are high in pre-pandemic culture. Now, reflections on relationships plus all the changes in socializing have a lot of people stressed out. The best advice that I… Continue Reading “A Valentine’s Weekend Guide in Pandemic times”

Mindfulness and Goals

As the optimism of the New Year Resolutions fade, let’s focus on how we can use the practice of mindfulness to maintain and achieve our most important goal for ourself in 2021. The practice of mindfulness can guide your on the journey to attain… Continue Reading “Mindfulness and Goals”

Mindfulness + Observation = Awareness

Honesty with ourselves though mindfulness can and will bring massive change to your life. This change starts with internal awareness of yourself, your life moments and the actions and reactions that you give.

Mindfulness Begins with Observation

perceptions and expectations can take the place of personal realities and norms if we are not mindful of our truth.

Mindfulness & Self Care

Today is interesting. I woke up feeling pretty wrecked from my monthly cycle, but still have to mom, teach school and coordinate life for three other humans. As such, I am trying a gentler flow for the day. We will see how it goes… Continue Reading “Mindfulness & Self Care”

The Art of Relaxing

Not everyone knows how to relax. For some, attempting to sit still, relax and enjoy a mindless activity like TV is absolutely anxiety inducing. The list of what we aren’t accomplishing is running through our minds and the fear of being unloveable, not valued,… Continue Reading “The Art of Relaxing”

Mindfulness has helped me to learn about the things that bring me discomfort. By bringing awareness to my emotions and the source of said emotions, I have been able to make changes to bring peace to my life. Peace is a wonderful goal to… Continue Reading “”

Finding my rhythm is a struggle. I struggle with what my heart tells me is right and true for myself versus the ghosts of the past and current expectations on my behavior and actions. Where do these expectations come from? A lot of the… Continue Reading “”

Dreaming the Dream

Being more self reliant and less reliant on big corporations has long been a dream of mine. One of the ways I am currently doing this is by making as much of my food as possible versus buying everything pre-made. Let me tell ya,… Continue Reading “Dreaming the Dream”