The Playful Side of Mindfulness

There are rare moments in life that capture the fairytale portraits of life that we see in film and magazine. Today, we are fortunate to have one of those moments with beautiful white fluffy snow falling from the sky. My children and I played for a bit outside, visited the creek that is beginning to freeze, and came in to have lunch by a lovely fire.

I am filled with gratitude with that we have a home surrounded by nature and a fireplace in our home. Mindfulness, aides in noticing what is happening at that time. This, in turn, helps to live in the moment and seize these opportunities.

As you practice mindfulness, notice changes in yourself. There will come a time that the urge to play begins to surface … careful now, the may be an ingrained tendency to push that away; stifle or squash even. A voice saying unkind things about an adult playing or time wasting or some such rubbish.

Play is essential to our well being. It relieves stress and connects us with others. It allows us to be create, to breathe and just express ourselves. If you take the time to play, a shift begins to happen. With children, you begin to connect on an entirely different level.

With play, you find your imagination coming to life. Then, when you go back to your adult responsibilities you may be surprised with the new views that you bring to your daily activities.

Be mindful … follow your instincts … play … create … and journey into yourself to create a new world outside of yourself.


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