Deep Peace and Gratitude Mantras

Gratitude, Thankfulness and Peace are on the top of my list today. In the United States it is Thanksgiving. We have a family practice of focusing on gratitude and spend time with family and friends. As this is the year of the pandemic, we are keeping with those living in the house; but like many holding close those we cannot see or speak with this year.

This is a dark difficult year and we could all use some help. Mantras are wonderful for helping us be in alignment with mindfulness. When the darkness and fear of this year feels all consuming, try a Gratitude Mantra.

You may be wondering how to do a gratitude mantra. Breathe and focus on the mantra. It can be said out loud or to yourself. This can be done simply standing in the place you are or you can set up a room of candles, incense and comfortable seating; in the bath or with kids and dogs crawling on you. They are versatile, simple and powerful.

Mantra: I feel Gratitude … Dhanya Vad (dahn-yah vahd)

Mantra: I am Gratitude … Kritajna Hum (Krit-ah-nah hum)

Another gratitude practice is the gratitude journal. However, I prefer a twist to mine. Instead of this private list I add what is called a behavioral component. Express gratitude for someone each day of your life.

To each of you I wish peace:

Shanti Mantra
sarvesham svastir bhavatu … May there be well being for all
sarvesham shantir bhavatu …May there be peace for all
sarvesham purnam bhavatu … May there be wholeness for all
sarvesham mangalam bhavatu … May there be happiness for all

Deep peace and gratitude to each of you for stopping by,