Replacing Anger with Love

I was speaking with a new friend this morning about books. I have been reading books by authors new to me and she had been revisiting some old books on a specific topic of shared interest. Suddenly, I found myself yearning to reread those books she mentioned because I was doing work on that subject to release energy blocks and heal wounds.

I need more reminders of what I loved about that subject or part of my life and less about the pain so I can release my energy blocks with love and see if that still has any meaning in my life.

Irisa MacKenzie

Journalling is my favorite way to release energy blocks. The secret it to write it out without judgement, just write what happened. Then comes the most difficult part; write I forgive you and I love you. Reminder: forgiveness is for you, not for them.

I believe this is there the saying forgive but don’t forget comes from. However, that has its own set of issues and can lead to dwelling on negative situations thereby never releasing them. If you are in your 30’s or older, you probably grew up with this statement.

As such, you may find yourself saying you have forgiven but then dwelling on that situation whenever you see that specific individual or find your life mirroring that situation just brings up those feelings. This is the Universe trying to teach us that we never really forgave because we were taught “forgive, but not forget” and that doesn’t allow for true release. So the Universe sends us what we focus on and we enter cycles of behavior with money, relationships, career, education, health, etc.

When we truly release and forgive we can look at those situations in our lives as experiences instead of situations that still fuel strong emotions. Once we can do that we know that we have achieved forgiveness. Feeling guilty over the situation from the past is an indication that you still have work to do. Some life experiences require a lot of work to move through. Remember, you are doing this to be the healthiest version of yourself you can be.

Understanding this has been one of the most difficult lessons in my life. I have had some horrid things happen in my life (such as rape, sexual assault, harassment, gaslighting, and a narcissistic partner) and the idea of applying forgiveness and love to those individuals has been unbearable. The idea of loving a person that hurt me so badly was insane to me; until I realized that wasn’t the lesson I was being given.

The lesson is to forgive the situation. Forgive the energy around the hurt and energetic blocks that you feel and replace that pain with love. What this does is stop the crippling pain, anger and negativity that you feel when reminded of these situations and begin the process of deep healing and realigning yourself with a loving, abundant universe.

I share these personal experiences because these hard life lessons and being taught to “forgive but not forget” were keeping me stuck in a place of anger, frustration and hostility. It kept me looking in the mirror and not liking what I saw, yet I was lost how to move forward because I couldn’t understand this forgiveness and love concept to cruelty and violence.

However, I didn’t give up. I kept moving forward with journalling, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality and seeking wisdom to heal my pain and anger. I hope this helps you understand you are replacing anger, hurt, etc with love so you can move forward. What happened has happened and nothing can change that. The anger will not change that. But healing yourself and replacing that well of anger in yourself with love, that will change things.

In love,

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