Dying Eggs – Not just for Easter

A favorite childhood activity was dying Easter eggs. As a parent I was very excited when I got to introduce this activity to my children. After making that first batch for them to dye and eat. I noticed how these eggs were easier for them to peel because they could see the difference between the shell and the egg more easily.

We did a batch of eggs yesterday and the three year old was delighted to see the cracks form in the colors and peel off the shell to reveal the egg. Simply coloring the shells transformed an ordinary hard boiled egg into a magical discovery filled with wonder.

Dying eggs is also an easy activity for brain breaks, rainy days or over-hot summer days. It also adds excitement to the cooking process. Also, they love having hard boiled eggs on hand for quick snacks, tossing in salads and Sassy Viking Mama’s egg salad is a huge hit around here.

Stay Sassy

Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

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