New Normal

We have been taking a different approach to the quarantine at WaterLily Nature and Nurture. The sassy tribe is focusing on bonding, simplicity, nature and play. The more we focus on bonding and exploration and the less we focus on ‘getting back to normal’ the more our anxiety drops and we create a new way of life with lots of love and laughter.

This isn’t to say that we haven’t had our share of anxiety, crying, tantrums and depression while adjusting. Having to explain why they cannot be closer than 6 feet to the neighbors or why our friends cannot come over was difficult. Explaining that we have been cancelling summer plans that involved large groups was heartbreaking because the anticipation that had been involved.

The hardest conversation has been getting the kids to understand that life has permanently shifted and the easiest way to accept that is to stop wondering when the old normal will begin again. Today, we can accept that we are under quarantine and that will not be forever. Today, we can enjoy each other with games, stories and cuddles. One of our tomorrows will let us hug loved ones who are currently far away. Until then we are fortunate to be able to video chat with those not residing with us.

Now, we are shifting focus to nature exploration … a budding spring is perfect for this. Plus we have unopened games and craft projects and sharing new and old tv shows and movies. Currently, we are rewatching the Last Airbender and the 3 year old is enthralled, as it is his first time seeing it. The older kids haven’t seen it long enough that it is familiar but they don’t know it by heart.

I do hope that on the immediate scale you embrace those you reside with and strengthen relationships. That you take the time to simply listen to your kids and chatter with them and their silliness.

Have an adult project? let them experience the joy of “hold this” or teach them to turn a screw or (if age appropriate) hammer a nail. Take time to share basics of sweeping floors, washing dishes, laundry, vacuuming and dusting. Glass … my kids fight over who gets to clean glass and mirrors.

It is okay for us to relax and focus on immediate things. It is okay for us not to be scheduled every minute of the day. In fact, it is healthy for us to take down time and vacation. It is healthy to have boundaries on our time and resources. As an adult, reset yourself and find the simplicity that should reflect life.

On a larger scale. I sincerely hope that our world becomes more community minded. That we realize the problems with our healthcare industry, monetization of everything and the value of our teachers – just to name a few. I hope we begin to realize that a college degree isn’t what makes us brave or valuable. That any hard working individual can be brave and valuable and deserves a decent living wage. I hope our country realizes that too many working individuals live on the brink of poverty and homelessness and that we say no more.

Please take this time to create a new normal. Not just for yourself, your family and friends but for the greater good of our society. Take tragedy and make the world a better place. Show the resilience, beauty and compassion of humanity.

Breathe. Think. Embrace Change. Create a New Normal.

Hang in there! Sassy Tribe

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