Unscheduled Time … OH MY!

Most Americans are overworked with schedules that do not allow for a moment of rest, play, fun or connection. We feel a sense of obligation to keep doing and that limits our ability to connect (with others, nature, etc) and truly experience life.

Our society has undergone a significant shift due to the coronavirus. In an effort to reduce the spread and death rate of the virus activities have been cancelled, social distancing is a must, businesses are closed, schools closed and we await updates and news each day on the course of this virus and its impact on the world and way of life as we know it.

This leaves many people at home with time on their hands. Unscheduled time is not something that Americans are used to. Prior to the coronavirus people residing together often were ships in the night, passing briefly and swiftly their relationships illuminated briefly and then different obligations pulling them in different directions.

Now, most of us are faced with unlimited face time. This is a difficult adjustment. Days spent away from small children are suddenly filled with noise and non-stop activity. Adults who live together may not have spent any significant amount of time together on a daily basis; suddenly you are always together.

As such people will annoy each other. We will get on each others nerves. However, this is a beautiful opportunity to learn about each other and learn how to be with each other. Explore likes together. Practice a hobby, try something new.

The other day we watched a watercolor video on painting a spring tree and then sat as a family and painted. Each tree was different and we explained what our vision of the tree was.

Cook together. The older kids made pancakes and sausage for lunch. The younger boys made muddy buddies for the mid day snack. Afternoon family cooking has become our thing because at dinner I am too exhausted from the day to have the patience to instruct the kids on cooking. However, taking the time mid-afternoon is a wonderful mid-day break from school, work and chores to relax and be together.

I found the kids getting snippy with each other, even after getting some energy out outside. Tomorrow, we are going to let each of them do a short video on what they think Kindness is then have them all watch it together. After that we shall have a discussion on kindness and what we can do to not get on each others nerves so quickly.

Each day is an opportunity to learn and grow together. Be gentle with yourself and each other. Take a walk, meditate, journal, create … do what you can to create a new more relaxed self from this day forward.

Waterlily Nature and Nurture & Sassy Viking Mama

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