How to Transition from Busy to Staying Home

Each state has its own shut downs, work from home placement of non-essential personnel, school closings and social distancing mandates. Every single one of us has a list of projects, chores and so forth that we have put on the when I have time list. Now is an excellent opportunity to pull out that list and make a plan.

Today, we are going to write down a master list of task that we have been wanting to tackle. Then look at the time, cost and importance of each task. Pick one thing to do a day and focus on that.

Some of the items on our list:

laundry … how can I be so far behind on laundry?

Deep cleaning … perfect time for an old-fashioned spring cleaning. Intimidated by the thought of this? Don’t be. Break the room down as you would a work or school project.

Step one: move the furniture that can be safely moved and clean the baseboards and walls.

Step Two: vacuum, sweep or mop where the furniture was.

Step Three: Vacuum or dust the furniture (front to back, top to bottom) before putting it in place Hint this is also an excellent time to rearrange if you have been thinking of it.

Step four: pick another part of the room and repeat.

Step five: clean lamps, pictures, knick-knacks, dust books, games, cd’s, dvd’s,

Step six: add to your laundry: was throw blankets, *if* your drapes are washable do so otherwise vacuum them,

step seven: glass (do not spray electronics with any cleaners)

Closets, Cabinets, Storage Areas, Attics, Storage Totes and Lockers: Clean and organize the closet space. See what has been shoved in there. What is useful? What can be repurposed? Where the hell did that come from? OMG what is this disgusting thing …. Kids! Deal with this unintended science project! Don’t need something? Put it aside for charity or organize a community, neighborhood or friend swap. Please, do your best to not add to the trash problem.

Garages: Clean and Organize. Yard equipment: maintenance, oil, check blades for sharpening. Tools: clean off rust, oil, organize.

Kids toys: These things multiply worse than the laundry and dirty dishes. Go through and get all the broken toys, happy meal toys and the ones you hate. Broken toys can usually be recycled. Teach your kids about charity gifting or selling things to put money towards something they really want. If you give to charity or decide to sell please make sure that it is clean, sanitized and in working order. Just because a kids gets a second hand toy doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be nice. Involve your kids in the process and you will have a lot less fighting and fussing.


Turn it into a DANCE PARTY!

Wear silly hats while you clean.

Fun Competition: Set a timer and see who can clean out which cabinet first and give that person a reward such as picking tonight’s movie; drawing them an elaborate bubble bath; let them pick the game for tonight, etc.

Live alone? Make a plan to indulge yourself when the project is done. Dig out your favorite chocolate. Binge watch your secret favorite show. Do something fun you haven’t done in ages!

Don’t be afraid to NEGOTIATE with each other on what needs done. One of the kids hates folding laundry. I want to fold laundry so I can binge watch Criminal Minds. Hence, negotiation. I will fold the bulk of the laundry if each of the kids puts away their laundry. The child who hates folding also agrees to put away the toddler’s laundry.

HOMESCHOOLING SLANT Involve your kids in the task you are doing. Will it take longer … yes. Will it be done exactly the way you want it to be … NO. Will they learn something … Yes. BREATHE, RELAX, SHARE … Life tasks are just important to learn as the information in schoolbooks. We don’t have anywhere to be so don’t rush, enjoy and bond.

WaterLily Nature and Nurture’s plan is to empty all of the laundry from the kids bathroom by having the older children take turns bringing the laundry down to the kitchen (our laundry room is the hallway off the kitchen). Then we are going to play a sorting game to prep the loads. After that each kid will take a turn putting loads in with my supervision on the soap and settings. Next, the kids set a timer on Alexa for the laundry so they know when the next person’s turn is to help mom flip laundry.

While the laundry process is happening today the kids will divide the bathroom up to clean it. One will get the toilet and floor surrounding it. Another will get the mirror, sink and cabinet, and the third will get the tub and remaining floor. Myself or another adult will supervise and explain to them how to do this.

In between all this is a great time for music, games, binge watch a show, walk the dogs, etc. Use your imagination, relax and remember to breathe and make your own schedule. Follow the sun and moon. Rest if you are tired. Eat if you are hungry. Laugh, cry, allow emotions to flow. Do art, read a book, listen to music, watch YouTube, learn a language, FaceTime a friend, really listen to your loved ones speak, journal, find yourself.

In the time of silence and fear I walk with myself and find the beauty and strength within myself and the world around me. I remake myself and change the world by creating a new normal. This is the time of the Phoenix and out of the ashes we can birth a better world, society and community.

Irisa MacKenzie 2020

WaterLily Nature and Nurture Homeschool and Sassy Viking Mama

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