Early fall days

The first true cold snap of the season has brought us interesting times.

Little monster was sick for his 15 month appointment. Therefore, the 2 year wellness check included catch up shots and the first part of his flu shot.

Bear cub has been bored with siblings feeling blah, weather changes and mom being exhausted. He is binge watching Hilda and cooking shows.

Princess superhero is sick. She is trying to convince me she can go to school tomorrow. Nope, you are working hard on getting full blown larangytis.

Freyrson has been traveling every week since mid August. His body finally had enough and his back gave. He is recouperating slowly.

Me. I am exhausted. everyone has managed to bump or hit where I got my flu shot. Add in our furnace went and after months of single parenting my plate is now over full. Thankfully, we had expected it to go and have a home warranty. Because I knew this was going to happen it hasn’t pushed me over the limit. We also have 2 space heaters from our old house and great insulation. Sadly, I hadn’t gotten our chimney cleaned and inspected yet.

All in all not too bad. I am exhausted but everything is fixable. We have a roof over our head and food in our bellies. Most importantly we are together.

A day of cuddles, bonding and leftovers. My neighbor brought us bread pudding. I am turning yesterday’s pot roast and root vegetables into shredded meat with gravy, vegetables and noodles. Later the leftover pasta and meatballs will be added to zucchini, onions and sauce.

Happy Fall!


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