Urban sanctuary

I invite you to make the time to slow down and find a spot in nature. A place where the surroundings call to your soul; calming you in a way you have not felt since innocence. Just breathe and listen. Close your eyes and feel the elements against your skin. Open your eyes and see what is around … not critically, but curiously. The wonder of a child finding their place in this world.

This morning I drank a cup of coffee from my porch and watched the storm clouds rolling past …. fat, gray and searching for a place to release their storms. My sanctuary is just a few blocks from a city street. The sounds of an urban neighborhood mixing with the call of the birds and sting of mosquito.

We moved at the beginning of the month. For the first time in years I feel like I can breathe. The call of the sun and moon is not being drowned out by anxiety. All of us are lighter. Watching the kids dig thru the garden for bugs. Learning ebb and flow as the creek rises and swells during the Summer storms, then returns to normal.

Nature gives many opportunities to learn and teach. The creek that runs through our property is one such lesson. The first time she swelled with the storms I had to discuss the dangers during this time with them. A fine line between scaring them and being honest if they fell in.

My middle child is four and his response to the conversation was to make offerings to Thor for protection. The second time storms rolled thru and the creek began to swell the six and four year old double checked the doors were safety locked so their baby brother couldn’t get to the yard. Then they asked to do offerings.

Each day we are finding our place in a new city. Our house becoming a home. Becoming in tune to the rhythms of our place in the world. Each of us growing tall and becoming rooted.

How can you blossom were you are currently planted?

Irisa MacKenzie

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