Uno Card Game as Pre-School Mathematics

As a stay at home parent who does not send their child to pre-school I am always looking for ways to teach my child that will not drive me crazy. Today’s focus was on mathematics. I intensely dislike math from my own school days. As such it is imperative that I find ways to make it as fun as possible for both our sake.

Some time ago I realized that Uno is a wonderful tool for pre-school math. It teaches colors, matching, numbers and addition. As he masters these basics we can increase his awareness to the concept of logic and strategy in gameplay. We started playing when my son was three and it is one of his favorite games.

As he is little and needs help, we play with our cards face up on the table. With each hand we need to say the color of the card and number or wording on the card. Typically, we play for 20 minutes or so at a time. Basically, the time it takes for the one year old to eat a snack. Also, I have found 20 minutes to be a good time limit for me as breaking down the games and keeping the pre-schooler focused can be exhausting.

Learning can be unconventional if you simply take the time to think about the games you enjoy and the foundation skills children need to succeed. Add in a bit of creativity and patience and the unconventional can be fun for all!

Happy Learning!